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Assoicate Members


AAA Southern New England

John Paul
Phone: (401) 868-2000
Website: http://www.southernnewengland.aaa.com/


Adam DeLuca
Phone: (603) 870-2368
Website: http://www.adp.com/

Alliance Energy Corp

Kevin Jackson
Phone: (781) 929-3293
Website: http://www.allianceenergy.com:8080/

ASAP Fire and Safety

Brian Cote
Phone: (978) 649-4945
Website: http://asapfire.com/

Autologic Diagnostics

George Atkins
Phone: (1877) 277-6895
Website: http://www.autologic-diagnostics.com/

BayState Business Brokers

Marc Gudema
Phone: (617) 733-6071
Website: http://www.mabusinessbrokers.com/

Bioquatic Supply Corp

Steve Wilchinski
Phone: (978) 897-5866
Website: http://www.bioquaticsupply.com/

Bomaco LLC

Jim Boardman
Phone: (978) 342-5300
Website: https://bomacowholesale.com/

Colonial LIfe Insurance

David LaPine
Phone: (857) 205-4147
Website: http://www.coloniallife.com/

Community Service Stations

Wilson Liu
Phone: (508) 270-3061
Website: http://communityservicestations.com/

CYN Oil Corp

David Galvin
Phone: (781) 341-1777
Website: http://www.cynenv.com/

Dennis K. Burke Inc

Kelly Burke
Phone: (617) 884-7800
Website: http://www.burkeoil.com/

Dependable Petroleum Services

Bruce Garrett
Phone: (508) 747-6238
Website: http://www.dependablecompany.com/

Drake Petroleum

Gary Plumer
Phone: (860) 935-5200
Website: http://www.drakepetro.com


Matt LeLacheur
Phone: (781) 246-8897
Website: http://www.ecsconsult.com/

Energy North

Pat O'Connell
Phone: (978) 640-1100
Website: http://energytogo.com/

Excel Tire Gauge

Ray Adams
Phone: (603) 264-1975
Website: http://www.exceltiregauge.com/


John Howell
Phone: (978) 667-7706
Website: https://www.firstdata.com/en_us/home.html

GHB - Windward Petroleum

Louis DeMaio
Phone: (603) 622-0433
Website: http://www.ghberlinwindward.com/

Granite Telecom

Charles Pagliazzo
Phone: (617) 933-7317
Website: http://www.granitenet.com/

HUB International

Frank Venuto
Phone: (800) 892-0642
Website: http://www.hubinternational.com/

Interstate Batteries

Michael McAndrew
Phone: (978) 649-5959
Website: http://www.interstatebatteries.com/

Irving Oil Corp

Christine Halle
Phone: (603) 559-8836
Website: http://www.irvingoil.com/

J&S Transport Co

John Hamel
Phone: (78) 159-9660
Website: http://jandstrans.com/

LaMountain Brothers

Henry LaMountain, Sr.
Phone: (508) 987-5322
Website: http://www.lamountainbros.com/

Lappens Garage Equipment

Rick Parks
Phone: (781) 341-8040
Website: http://www.lappens.com/

Marcotte Ford

Kevin Ramsdell
Phone: (413) 536-1900
Website: http://marcotteford.com/

Mutual Oil Co

Jon Shaer
Phone: (508) 583-5777
Website: http://www.mutualoil.com/

Net Driven

Jon Napoli
Phone: (218) 623-7351
Website: http://www.netdriven.com/

New Stream H20

Jonathan Nash
Phone: (508) 236-6001
Website: http://newstreamh2o.com/


Donna Harris
Phone: (888) 301-2645
Website: http://www.opisnet.com/

Petro Realty Corp

Aaron Cutler
Phone: (781) 749-3663
Website: http://www.petrorealtycorp.com/

Prism Energy Services

William McFadden
Phone: (617) 328-9896
Website: http://www.prismenergyservices.com/

RAM Workers Comp

Judy Brophy
Phone: (617) 523-1900
Website: http://retailersma.org/

Rauker, Scheinfeldt & Co

Joseph Scheinfeldt
Phone: (508) 832-4085
Website: http://rsc-web.com/

Regnante, Sterio & Osborne

Michael Murphy
Phone: (781) 246-2522
Website: http://www.regnante.com/

Repair Pal

Eric Lawton
Phone: (510) 788-5549
Website: http://repairpal.com/

Tate Brothers Paving

Richard Tate
Phone: (603) 882-0527
Website: http://www.tatebros.com/

TCI Tire

Carl Carlson
Phone: (508) 945-3557
Website: http://www.tirecenters.com/

Volta Oil Co

Peter Garrett
Phone: (508) 746-1341
Website: http://www.voltaoil.com/

World Energy Solutions

Brian Pioggia
Phone: (860) 768-1944
Website: http://www.worldenergy.com/

Industry News
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Greener Pastures: Eric Cantor Joins Investment Bank
Former U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will join investment bank Moelis & Co as vice chairman and managing director, the company said.

Skiing Standoff Could Be Downhill Run for Park City
A legal spat over big bucks and white powder threatens the ski season this year at one of the most popular resorts in the country.

Millennials More Likely to Take Credit for Others' Work
Millennials say they would take credit for someone else's work to get ahead more than five times as frequently as boomers, a new study says.

Drone Video Shows Apple's New Campus 2 Taking Shape
A remotely controlled quadcopter gives a bird's-eye view of the progress of construction on Appleā€™s new Campus 2 in Cupertino, California.

Millennials More Likely to Take Credit for Others' Work
Millennials say they would take credit for someone else's work to get ahead more than five times as frequently as boomers, a new study says.