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Assoicate Members


AAA Southern New England

John Paul
Phone: (401) 868-2000
Website: http://www.southernnewengland.aaa.com/


Adam DeLuca
Phone: (603) 870-2368
Website: http://www.adp.com/

Alliance Energy Corp

Kevin Jackson
Phone: (781) 929-3293
Website: http://www.allianceenergy.com:8080/

ASAP Fire and Safety

Brian Cote
Phone: (978) 649-4945
Website: http://asapfire.com/

Autologic Diagnostics

George Atkins
Phone: (1877) 277-6895
Website: http://www.autologic-diagnostics.com/

BayState Business Brokers

Marc Gudema
Phone: (617) 733-6071
Website: http://www.mabusinessbrokers.com/

Bioquatic Supply Corp

Steve Wilchinski
Phone: (978) 897-5866
Website: http://www.bioquaticsupply.com/

Bomaco LLC

Jim Boardman
Phone: (978) 342-5300
Website: https://bomacowholesale.com/

Colonial LIfe Insurance

David LaPine
Phone: (857) 205-4147
Website: http://www.coloniallife.com/

Community Service Stations

Wilson Liu
Phone: (508) 270-3061
Website: http://communityservicestations.com/

CYN Oil Corp

David Galvin
Phone: (781) 341-1777
Website: http://www.cynenv.com/

Dennis K. Burke Inc

Kelly Burke
Phone: (617) 884-7800
Website: http://www.burkeoil.com/

Dependable Petroleum Services

Bruce Garrett
Phone: (508) 747-6238
Website: http://www.dependablecompany.com/

Drake Petroleum

Gary Plumer
Phone: (860) 935-5200
Website: http://www.drakepetro.com


Matt LeLacheur
Phone: (781) 246-8897
Website: http://www.ecsconsult.com/

Energy North

Pat O'Connell
Phone: (978) 640-1100
Website: http://energytogo.com/

Excel Tire Gauge

Ray Adams
Phone: (603) 264-1975
Website: http://www.exceltiregauge.com/


John Howell
Phone: (978) 667-7706
Website: https://www.firstdata.com/en_us/home.html

GHB - Windward Petroleum

Louis DeMaio
Phone: (603) 622-0433
Website: http://www.ghberlinwindward.com/

Granite Telecom

Charles Pagliazzo
Phone: (617) 933-7317
Website: http://www.granitenet.com/

HUB International

Frank Venuto
Phone: (800) 892-0642
Website: http://www.hubinternational.com/

Interstate Batteries

Michael McAndrew
Phone: (978) 649-5959
Website: http://www.interstatebatteries.com/

Irving Oil Corp

Christine Halle
Phone: (603) 559-8836
Website: http://www.irvingoil.com/

J&S Transport Co

John Hamel
Phone: (78) 159-9660
Website: http://jandstrans.com/

LaMountain Brothers

Henry LaMountain, Sr.
Phone: (508) 987-5322
Website: http://www.lamountainbros.com/

Lappens Garage Equipment

Rick Parks
Phone: (781) 341-8040
Website: http://www.lappens.com/

Marcotte Ford

Kevin Ramsdell
Phone: (413) 536-1900
Website: http://marcotteford.com/

Mutual Oil Co

Jon Shaer
Phone: (508) 583-5777
Website: http://www.mutualoil.com/

Net Driven

Jon Napoli
Phone: (218) 623-7351
Website: http://www.netdriven.com/

New Stream H20

Jonathan Nash
Phone: (508) 236-6001
Website: http://newstreamh2o.com/


Donna Harris
Phone: (888) 301-2645
Website: http://www.opisnet.com/

Petro Realty Corp

Aaron Cutler
Phone: (781) 749-3663
Website: http://www.petrorealtycorp.com/

Prism Energy Services

William McFadden
Phone: (617) 328-9896
Website: http://www.prismenergyservices.com/

RAM Workers Comp

Judy Brophy
Phone: (617) 523-1900
Website: http://retailersma.org/

Rauker, Scheinfeldt & Co

Joseph Scheinfeldt
Phone: (508) 832-4085
Website: http://rsc-web.com/

Regnante, Sterio & Osborne

Michael Murphy
Phone: (781) 246-2522
Website: http://www.regnante.com/

Repair Pal

Eric Lawton
Phone: (510) 788-5549
Website: http://repairpal.com/

Tate Brothers Paving

Richard Tate
Phone: (603) 882-0527
Website: http://www.tatebros.com/

TCI Tire

Carl Carlson
Phone: (508) 945-3557
Website: http://www.tirecenters.com/

Volta Oil Co

Peter Garrett
Phone: (508) 746-1341
Website: http://www.voltaoil.com/

World Energy Solutions

Brian Pioggia
Phone: (860) 768-1944
Website: http://www.worldenergy.com/

Industry News
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The lifestyle maven got a drone last year as a birthday present, and apparently life hasn’t been the same since then.

GM Sued Over Deaths, Injuries in Recalled Cars
GM was hit with a lawsuit brought on behalf of more than 650 people allegedly injured or killed in crashes involving recalled cars.

Judge Says U.S. Can't Seize Kurdish Crude for Now
A federal magistrate said that because the tanker was some 60 miles offshore, an order for U.S. Marshals to seize the cargo could not be enforced.

Soda Loses Fizz: Two-Thirds Avoid Pop
The bubble has burst for soft drinks, with two-thirds of Americans saying they're actively avoiding drinking the beverage.

EU Hits Russia with New Military, Financial Sanctions
EU governments reached a deal to impose economic sanctions against Russia, targeting its oil industry, defense and other sectors.