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Man in Wheelchair Says He Was Humiliated at Minneapolis McDonald's

A disabled man in a wheelchair who uses a service dog says he was mocked and humiliated on two occasions when he tried to order food and eat inside a McDonald's restaurant in Minneapolis, according to a federal lawsuit.

Ladies Home Journal to Become a Quarterly Magazine

The magazine that prides itself on offering practical beauty advice, recipes and more, will no longer run as a monthly.

Microsoft Results Bolster New CEO Nadella's Direction

In Satya Nadella's first quarterly earnings release as chief executive, Microsoft Corp. on Thursday posted earnings and revenue that beat Wall Street expectations, offering new justification for the CEO's focus on cloud computing.

FyreTV Porn Streamer Sues Amazon Over 'Fire TV' Trademark

In what can only be called a highly expected development, Amazon is being sued over the trademark for its "Fire TV" streaming set-top box by the company that made a "FyreTV" device years earlier.

Are Electric Cars Cleaner than Gas-Powered Cars?

Glenn Zorpette, Editor of IEEE Spectrum breaks down the environmental costs of an electric car, versus a traditional, internal-combustion powered auto.