Road Travel and Gas Demand is Up 5%

Road Travel is up 5% Since March 2015

US Gas DemandRoad travel is increasing and that’s no doubt good for business. This is reflected by the demand for barrels of gas per day. In short, as of March 2016, demand for gasoline is up by approximately half a million (500,000) barrels per day since the same time last year, and this trend seems to be continuing into the summer months

Travel on all roads and streets changed by 5.0% (13.0 billion vehicle miles) for March 2016 as compared with March 2015. Travel for the month is estimated to be 273.4 billion vehicle miles. The seasonally adjusted vehicle miles traveled for March 2016 is 268.2 billion miles, a 4.0% (10.3 billion vehicle miles) increase over March 2015. It also represents a 0.7% change (1.8 billion vehicle miles) compared with February 2016. Cumulative Travel for 2016 changed by 4.2% (29.8 billion vehicle miles). The cumulative estimate for the year is 746.0 billion vehicle miles of travel.

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